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At City Motors we are working together to bring you 6 months platinum warranty with all vehicle from Auto Select.

Platinum cover will cover all electrical and mechanial components listed in silver and gold covers. It will also cover all other mechanical and electrical components of your vehicle. Exclused items will not be covered, unless listed in the additional benefits table. Specific individual claim limits and hourly labour rates will apply. Refer to your guaranteed certificate for the terms of your agreement.

Who are Auto Select?

Whether you are using your vehicle for work or seeing friends or family, having it breakdown can cause a huge amount of stress. We at Auto Select Warranties understand that having your car and getting from A to B is second nature to most of us, so withou ti, the inconvenience caused can be incredibly frustrating. Getting your vehicle back on the road can be demanding, from the cost to the time it can take to find the right repairs advice.

That is where we come in for at Auto Select Warranties, we firmly believe that should things go wrong, help and assistance should be provided from the very start. So, we offer a variety of warranties that you can select to suit your needs which will ensure that you are given the best standard of service possible. Habing a warranty means that when things go wrong, you have your dealt with in a professional manneger by friendly and helpful staff. It's our aim to get you back on the road safetly and as quickly as possible.

Our clients are important to us, no matter what level of cover, we ensure that our customers are given the impeccable service that they deserve.

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